Unlike any other light, even if it was made by the smartest scientist, daylight is the crème de la crème that plays a very important role in making an interior space look either big or small. Thus, this post will be detailing on how to increase the lighting in your room, and how to choose the best lamps or chandeliers that should give off as much light as your home really needs.

After taking a 24 hour break, we will be concluding our lessons today on how to make a small room look bigger, first, we wrote about how to visually increase a small room with wallpaperhow to make a small room look bigger with a curtain, and how to make a room look larger while using a mirror. Today’s pro tips will be about how to make a small room look bigger with lighting.

Before we hit the road, let us get it right, how exactly does light  make a small room look bigger? Elimination of shadows and dark spots.

Every time you take a look at a dark corner in your home, you conclude psychologically that ‘there’s nothing there’. Dark and blind spots in a home are mostly no-go areas, sometimes we unknowingly avoid those spots because of their creepy outlook, thus having to make do with the other ‘lighted’ part of the room.

By making do with the parts of the home that our eyes can properly interact with, we unconsciously limit our movements around the room, this makes us confined to a smaller space. The fear of uncertainty.

First, you need to be sure you have the best curtains that can allow the flow of light through them, and not just absorb. Following the principles of colors, we will recall that dark colors will readily absorb light without giving it back out.

Thus, it is ideal to use a curtain with a very light colour shade to aid reflection, read our curtain selection tips for more.

Also, Your paint sheen will play a very important role in making a room lighter or darker. Oil paint does have a glossy and shiny surface, this makes it unable to absorb light, as a matter of fact, it’s glossy surface gives it a mirror-like surface which allows every ray of light tat hits its surface to bounce off

Pendulum lights also do a good job in a room. Instead of putting just one light bulb at the centre of a room, how about you strategically place three or four pendulum lights, one each on every wall? This will reduce the chance of shadows appearing in your home, and thus, make it feel more spacious. In the absence of a pendulum bulb, two fluorescent lamps that stretch above the ceiling can also do a perfect lighting justice.

These are just the core tips which can help your home have a bigger feel, you really do not need to hire an interior decoration professional when you already have us. ;

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