Ranch-style houses are ideal for people who simple and beautiful homes, and they hate to climb stairs. However, remodeling the interior of such houses can be tasking owing to the unique ranch style- house characteristics.

So, as you plan to redesign yours this year, it’s wise that you know what is killing the interior updates of a ranch style house today.

You may not manage to add another floor up.

Sometimes, simple ranch-style house plans may not have a foundation that will allow you to add a floor on top of the ground floor. Thus as a homeowner or interior designer, you need to be conversant with how deep the foundation is before you recommend scaling upwards. 

That is sad since, with a shallow foundation, you cannot add that statement staircase you saw in the magazine. Any interior design idea you have in mind has to fit on the ground floor.

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Obsession with the outdoors means you may not be allowed to touch the windows.

Look at the ranch-style houses near you. One thing you will notice is how beautiful the exterior is. Most have exquisite gardens and state of the art lawns. You will also see that these houses have large doors and windows overlooking for a good view of the outdoors.

Therefore, if the family loves the views, you may not be allowed to do much with their windows and doors. Definitely, that might tamper with the ideas you have in mind. 

You are likely to spend a fortune on the ceiling.

The traditional ranch house has a low-pitched roof. That poses a challenge if you dream of installing a statement ceiling during redecoration. You have noticed that in most ranch house interior remodel before and after images, there’s a change with the ceiling.

That’s because high ceilings are the in thing now. So you might be forced to re-do the entire roof so that you can have a high ceiling hence spending a fortune. 

Small bedrooms.

Decorating small ranch homes can pose a challenge for you if the rooms are small-especially the bedrooms. With such places, you find twin beds and small closets, so you cannot recommend some features unless the family is willing to add another wing to the house.

For instance, you know that a bad mattress can ruin your spine. So in your upgrade, you want to invest in a quality foam that’s ideal for your health. Unfortunately, you have twin beds.

That means you cannot buy any mattress without checking on its review to be sure you’re getting the best. That is the reason why you need to make use of SERP. For example, if you search Purple 3 mattress (review), you will get several reviews that will help you.

Additionally, through review reading, you will get to know the design of this mattress and how best it will fit your single or twin beds. 

Everything is on the same floor.

One of the things that’s killing the interior updates of a ranch-style house is the fact that everything is one the same floor. You must be very creative for the place not to look crowded. Also, you have to be extra cautious with the colors you choose, especially if the family has adopted the ‘no walls plan.’ 

That means that whatever you do in the living area will affect the dining area and the kitchen. Moreover, the corridors might be quite narrow, so you may not do much apart from changing the carpets, colors, and lighting.

It’s easier to remodel the exterior than the interior.

You need to know that when updating ranch-style homes, it’s easier to work on the gardens than the rooms. From the points discussed above, you know that you may have limited options when redecorating the interior. 

On the other hand, you will have a ton of options with the exterior because such houses have room for gardens, lawns, pools, and other outdoor relaxation facilities.


Now you know what is killing the interior updates of a ranch-style house. That doesn’t mean that you cannot redecorate such houses. Remember that sometimes, moving furniture and changing the paint is enough to make the house feel brand new.