Choosing the style of your interior decors is like choosing a wife whom you will probably live with for the rest of your life.  Your interior decors could be quite tedious given the varieties and options out there.  After getting several mails and calls to write more about home decorations, I decided to add a few or more useful home decoration tips for our loyal readers.


Colours add taste to your interiors when chosen smartly, over 55% of Nigerians use the traditional white, ash or milk colour shade for the living room.  Well, Pale grey could do the trick for your living room, as it provides a neutral backdrop for your furniture and arts. Navy blue is another ideal colour, its both modern and traditional, either way, Navy Always turns heads. 

Pale pink is probably the perfect for your bedroom.  Some might say it’s a bit feminine, the thing is,  Pink is soft and romantic so where else would you want it to be if not in your bedroom. 

Sunnny yellow, pale blue, or orange are equally very suitable for your bedroom or you could try a shade of black if you need the room to look big.   Your kitchen should just be simple, Teal, light green, or grey will be alright. 



We all like taking pictures, be it family pictures, wedding pictures, selfies or pictures of your kids.  A photo gallery is an excellent way to have all your photographs out on display on your Walls, this makes a statement of art while it lights up your house.  Hanging band posters is also a nice way to decorate,  or you go for wall arts and the traditional antique paintings. Better still you can make use of wallpapers, be it football related, love and romance, or depicting a movie. Wallpapers and frames makes a statement about the kind of person you are, so be careful when choosing one. 


Go for simple and small consoles as they carry less attention unlike the furniture. It is imperative that you choose the right furniture when decorating your interiors.  

You should go for cushions made of wrapped foams; this is comfortable and more durable. If you have children at home you should consider furniture with high quality and stain resistant fabrics, am talking about leather chairs.  Having a Sofa is always in the book, but a “Love seat” will be ideal if you have a smaller space. Love seats typically provide seating for two individuals.  All these being said, it is important that you have the measurements, and floor planning of your living room before making arrangements for the furniture to avoid over space or under-space


Here are some extra tips:

1. Keep the floor simple, use marbles. 

2. Low lights are ideal for the bedroom. 

3. Whatever colour you are choosing, keep red minimal. 

Variety is the spice of life, that’s why we all have our choices and preferences, but you don’t have to spend a million bucks on your interior to have an exquisite decor, just the Right picks and combo’s.  However in a world of unending innovations, staying ahead and staying in touch becomes a lifestyle.

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