Obviously, interior decoration for some persons can sometimes look like rolling a very large stone up a very steep hill, but for some others, it’s as easy as a blank cheque. Actually interior decoration is a blank cheque.

Let’s picture it this way, how will you write in the words of the exact amount you want on a blank cheque? Well, for the first time, your hands might be shaky, but if you have to fill out blank cheques on a daily, then there’s the possibility that you may become a professional over time.

Why are interior design professionals a hot cake in most countries? It’s the courage, it’s the practice, it’s all about their resolve to start up with a few DIY tips, their zeal to try out simple designs, and a keen eye for perfection, this is what a lot of persons are failing to understand. On the flip-side, everyone cannot take up the task of decorating their homes like a professional interior designer would.

This post is aimed at motivating those who have a passion to learn the secrets of interior design, and those who are willing to get their hands dirty… this is like the complete comprehensive guide of interior decoration.

Gladly, interior decoration is not rocket science, although it is understood that you can sometimes get lost while trying to carry out a few measurements, create a few styles, of make up your mind on how to blend some available home decoration choices into something unique… this comprehensive guide should help you set up a perfect home, from the start to the finish.

These comprehensive guides will not only save you the exact sum of money it would cost you to hire an interior designer, it will also help you understand the little secrets, YOU TOO CAN BECOME AN INTERIOR DESIGNER!

Below are a compilation of 20 unique cheat sheets and guidelines that should help you pull off an unbelievable design, everything has been spelled out in ABC, with proper images to help you understand. These cheat sheets and guidelines will put the most common home decor rules in simple terms, which will help you decorate your home almost like a real interior design professional.

Area Rug Size

Source: designbynumbers.com

Source: designbynumbers.com

Choose the right size of the area rug before buying one. Make sure it fits your furniture perfectly.

Home Lighting

Source: designbump.com

Source: designbump.com

Use this guide to choose the correct lighting for your home.

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