A few days ago, someone threw a question at me, she pinged me through our BBM Channel and asked if it was a good decision to place her area rugs on carpet floor. At first, it really sounded funny.

Who would think that one layer on another, one floor covering on another, would look ideal in any way?

Now why did she ask? Just as we mentioned earlier in our thread about couples moving in together, she was moving in with her husband and didn’t want her rug thrown out. She really wanted to make use of her area rug but she was just unsure if placing an area rug on a carpet would be an ideal or a poor decision.


Although anyone may be quick to condemn such action as a taboo as far as interior decorations and designs are concerned, it is one controversial area of home designing, and solely depends on the interior decorator’s application.

From prior experience, area rugs are very much ideal space separators in a home. They can aid the division of space and allow the ease of furniture grouping. They also provide some activity on the home’s floor, with their graphical arrays, colours and dimensions which are necessary considerations if you’ll want to place your area rugs on carpet floor.

The challenge with placing area rugs on carpet floor is that the top of the rug will likely creep occasionally  along the bottom of the rug, this is caused by the overly smooth surface of the carpet layer, which is beneath the rug.


However, to tackle this challenge, there are quite a number of strategies, including the use of rug clips and strips (they look like glue, but they’re not), these will help to hold your rug firmly in place. They secure the bottom of the rug, to the surface of the  carpet, thus making the rug’s movement uneasy.

Another important consideration before you go rugs on carpet is the color of both the rug and the carpet. Be sure to  go along with colours that rhyme, so as to prevent your home from looking like one big colour-clashing room.

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